Elissa Marder -

Elissa Marder is Professor of French and Comparative Literature at Emory University where she is also affiliated with the Departments of Philosophy and Women’s Studies. She is a founding member of the Emory Psychoanalytic Studies Program and served as its Director from 2001-2006. She has been named an International Fellow at the London Graduate School and Professor of Psychoanalysis and Philosophy at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fe, Switzerland.
Her publications include: Dead Time: Temporal Disorders in the Wake of Modernity (Baudelaire and Flaubert) (Stanford University Press, 2001); The Mother in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: Psychoanalysis, Photography, and Deconstruction (Fordham University Press, 2012); Time for  Baudelaire (Poetry, Theory, History) . Eds. E.S. Burt, Elissa Marder, Kevin Newmark. Yale French Studies vol. 125 (forthcoming: Spring, 2014).
She has also published essays on diverse topics in literature, psychoanalysis, literary theory, feminism, film, photography and philosophy.