Grande Hotel Abismo -

 "One day, Georg Lukacs decided to use irony against the philosophers of the Frankfurt School, and Theodor Adorno specially. Their alleged negativism towards the world situation, their hunger for describing impasses of  reason, as well as  times when our ways of apprehending reality collapse, without offering us new practical  schemes of commitment,  annoyed Lukacs to the point of making him state that "frankfortiens lived in the Grand Hotel Abgrung [Abyss]" - that is, they lived  as someone who lives in a Grand Hotel, beautiful and melancholic, and whose balcony opens to an abyss.
Lukacs, however, didn't notice that, unbeknownst to him, he offered us a good definition of the fundamental philosophical requirement  to confront the chaos :  the need to face a certain conception of  the reason as an abyss, and to feel good with it. To feel good about not being afraid of going where we don't see the lights projected by our own image