Kazuyuki Hara -

Kazuyuki Hara is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo, Komaba. He is the author of Lacan: A Philosophical Exodus (in Japanese, Kôdansha, Tokyo, 2002), Amour et Savoir: Etudes Lacaniennes (in French, Collection UTCP, Tokyo, 2011) as well as numerous articles and papers on philosophy and psychoanalysis in France with a particular focus on Jacques Lacan (you will find some of them at the following address : https://u-tokyo.academia.edu/KazuyukiHara ). He is also the Japanese translator of Lacan (Les Formations de l’inconscient, co-translation), Foucault (L’Herméneutique du sujet, co-translation) and Jean Oury(Psychiatrie et psychothérapie institutionnelle, co-translation). He is preparing a book-length study on the place of psychoanalysis in the history of analysis, tentatively entitled Another “Analytical Revolution”: Lacanian Psychoanalysis in the History of Analysis.