Lene Auestad -

 Lene Auestad holds a PhD in Philosophy from The University of Oslo. She is editor of Psychoanalysis and Politics: Exclusion and the Politics of Representation (Karnac, 2012), Nationalism and the Body Politic: Psychoanalysis and the growth of Ethnocentrism and Xenophobia (Karnac, 2013) and a book on Hannah Arendt in Norwegian (Akademika, 2011). Her monograph Respect, Plurality, and Prejudice: A Psychoanalytical and Philosophical Enquiry into the Dynamics of Social Exclusion and Discrimination was published by Karnac in 2015.
She founded and runs the international and interdisciplinary conference series Psychoanalysis and Politics, www.psa-pol.org Personal webpage: www.lawritings.net