Marcus Coelen -

Marcus Coelen is a practising psychoanalyst in Paris and Munich. He teaches general and comparative literature at the universities of Munich and Tel Aviv. At the moment he is a professor at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Bresil.
He is a co-editor of the series « subjektile » (diaphanes, Zurich/Berlin et Turia&Kant, Vienne/Berlin ; cf., autor of Die Tyrannei des Partikularen. Lektüren Prousts (Munich, Fink, 2007) and translator and editor in German of Maurice Blanchot (Das Neutrale. Texte und Fragmente zur Philosophie, Zurich/Berlin, diaphanes, 2009 ; Vergehen [Le pas au-delà], Berlin/Zurich, diaphanes, 2011).
With Britta Guenther and Felix Enslin, he founded pli – psychanalyse âpres lacan, a group that focuses on clinical practice and theory in psychoanalysis.; cf.